How do I create a Stripe Account?

To create a Stripe account, please visit the Stripe website. You'll need the following; 

  • Bank account details
  • Personal and company information (if you are trading as a company or partnership)
  • A website address - you may enter our website (;  Your therapist profile will appear on our site once approved.

For validation purposes, Stripe may ask for more information in compliance to  UK's money laundering regulations.

Stripe is asking me to authorize them to take payments and make deposits from my account.

To allow for a situation where a client has booked a session for which you have already received the funds and a refund occurs (e.g. because the client cancelled 48 hours before the session) then if you have no funds in your Stripe account they need to have the ability to withdraw those funds from your account to process the refund. 

This is the only time that Stripe will take any money from your account and in most cases it will not happen as you will have funds in your account at the time.

In this article, we'll teach you how to connect your Stripe account with our platform.