How do I connect my Stripe account to Expat Therapy 4U?

You can connect your Stripe account by going to  My Listing > Therapist Services Setting > Store Settings > Billing.  Under Choose Payment Method select Stripe Connect and click on Connect with Stripe. Read this article to learn more about Stripe and how to create a Stripe account. 

Follow the step by step guide:

1. Upon signing in, click on ‘Your Name’, then click ‘My Listing’.

2.  Click ' Therapist Services Settings'

3.  Go to Store Settings, then click 'Billing' from the dropdown menu.

4.  Once you're on the Billing page, click ' Connect with Stripe'.

5.  You will now be taken to Stripe's website. Fill in the required information.

Note: You will be asked to enter a website address. If you don't have a website of your own, you can enter our website address ( as your profile will appear on our site once approved.