How do I connect my Stripe account to Expat Therapy 4U?

You can connect your Stripe account by going to My Listing > Therapist Services Setting > Store Settings > Billing.  Under Choose Payment Method select Stripe Connect and click on Connect with Stripe. Read this article to learn more about Stripe and how to create a Stripe account. 

Follow the step by step guide:

1. Upon signing in, click on ‘Your Name’, then click ‘My Listing’.

2.  Click 'Therapist Services Settings'

3.  Go to Store Settings, then click 'Billing' from the dropdown menu.

4.  Once you're on the Billing page, click 'Connect with Stripe'.

5.  You will now be taken to Stripe's website. Fill in the required information.

Note: You will be asked to enter a website address. If you don't have a website of your own, you can enter our website address ( as your profile will appear on our site once approved. 

Need more help? Watch the video below: