Where can I make changes to my schedule?

Planned holidays, blocking off a particular time slot, or any unavailability to your working schedule can easily be managed under the Custom Time Slots tab.

Follow the steps below to modify your Calendar;

1.  Upon signing in, click on ‘ Your Name’, then click ‘My Listing’.

2.  Go to your Calendar.

3.  Click the second tab, ' Custom Time Slots', then click 'Add Date(s)'.

4.  Depending on your work schedule, you can either;

  • Disable appointments on a specific day or dates  
  • Disable appointments on a specific day or dates for certain time slots only

Say for example, you are out of office from August 10th to August 14th, simply enter the dates then tick ‘ Disable Appointments’.

5.  Don't forget to click ' Save Custom Time Slots'.

  • You may disable appointments for any date by clicking on ‘ Add Date(s)’.
  • If you are temporarily unavailable to work on selected hours only but can still accommodate appointments,  click on ‘ + Single Time Slot’  -or-  ‘+ Bulk Time Slots’  to disable these hours on your Calendar.

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