How do I add my availabilities for sessions?

Once you're done creating your Therapist Profile, setting up your Calendar is your next priority.

Within your Calendar, you can set your working hours, customize your time slots, add your working locations (in-person, by telephone or videocall) and so much more.

Easily manage your calendar by following the steps below;

1. Upon signing in, click on ‘ Your Name’, then click ‘My Listing’.

2. Under Therapist Profile, click ‘Calendar’.

3.  Enter a name for your Calendar. You may enter your professional name, then click ‘ Create Calendar’.  In this example, we've named the Calendar 'Dr David Smith'.

Your dashboard should now look like this:

There are three tabs, namely;

a)  Time Slots 

b)  Custom Time Slots - link to detailed tutorial

c) Booking Form - link to detailed tutorial

4. Under the Time Slots tab, click the pink ‘ Add’ button.

5.  You can now enter your Time Slots

In the example below, we’ve selected ‘ Add Bulk’.  Select from the dropdown your Start Time and End Time then click ‘Add’.

Tip:  We recommend adding your schedule in bulk.  It is more convenient to remove your unwanted time slots later (Step 6). 

6.  Remove unwanted time slots by simply hovering the pointer to the ‘ X’ button.

7.  Repeat Steps 4 to 6 to add the rest of your time slots for the rest of the week.

* More guides to setting up your Calendar can be found in this article: How can I customize my Calendar?  Where can I make changes to my schedule?