How to create a Therapist Account

Creating a therapist account is easy!  Simply follow the steps outlined below;

1.  Go to our website, and click the 'Sign Up' button.

2.  Enter the following information;

  • Username - you may enter your complete name (example: Dr David Smith)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email - you will receive a verification email from us so make sure you type in your email address accurately
  • Password

  • Select a Subscription. In your case, please choose 'Therapist'.
  • Before clicking Sign Up, make sure you agree to our Terms and Conditions by ticking the box.

* Once you've entered all required information and clicked 'Sign Up', you should see this message;

3.  Open a new tab or window to check your email.

  • You should receive a message with the following subject 'Registration Verification from {}'
  • Follow the link which looks like this;

4.   Your account has been created! You may now Sign In!

An email with the subject 'Registration Complete' will be sent to you once you've successfully signed up.

5. You should now be able to upload a Therapist Profile. 

Follow the steps in this article to make sure your Therapist Profile complies with our requirements.