What happens if I fail to approve or reject a new booking within 24 hours from receipt?

When a client makes a new booking, you receive an email right away in your inbox to let you know that there is a new booking for you. You then need to login to your account and manually approve it in your account dashboard within 24 hours from receipt as outlined in our terms and conditions and as described in this support article: what should I do after a client books a first session with me?

In the event that a pending appointment is not marked as approved by a therapist within 24 hours from receipt, the system will automatically cancel the booking 72 hours after the booking was originally made by the client. In this instance, we reserve the right to refer the client to a different therapist and/or refund the client in full.

If a therapist continuosly fails to approve receipt of new bookings, they are in breach of contract and their account with Expat Therapy 4U will be deactivated.