Setup Guide

Now that you have read the articles in the Joining Expat Therapy 4U section, as well as the Terms and Conditions, you are ready to join us!

The platform has multiple tabs that you need to fill in with your details. This guide gives a brief overview of the required 6 steps to set up your therapist account, with the links to the relevant support articles for each step.

Get Started in 6 Simple Steps:

Step 1. Sign up online

Got an email address and a smartphone/laptop? Great, now tell us a bit more about yourself and we’ll get you started. Sign Up Now

Step 2. Upload your Therapist Profile

Time for some paperwork. Upload your Therapist Profile and submit your documents. These are the documents we need to see from you: 

  • Documented evidence of a clear criminal record (this is optional, and you will receive a badge for submitting this document).
  • Evidence of a professional indemnity insurance policy.
  • Evidence of membership with a relevant legal body and must maintain that membership thereafter.
  • Profile Photograph: The photograph should show you as professional, friendly and approachable. Smiling is encouraged but please, no “selfies” on the beach! The photo should be: 1. Taken in full colour. 2. Taken in a well lit room. 3. In as high a quality as is possible (make sure you send the original file and not a reduced quality version). 4. Looking into the camera, smiling (if you want to), trying to look welcoming with your head slightly in profile. 5. You should be wearing the type of clothing you would wear in a counselling session and look presentable and professional.

Step 3. Add the Therapist Services

Add the Therapist Services (individual, couple, family therapy) you are able to offer to potential new clients.

Step 4. Set up your Calendar 

Set up a Calendar with your Available Timeslots, then Link the Locations (online, phone and in-person) and the Therapist Services to your Calendar, so clients can book a session with you and select the location and pay for their appointment.

Step 5. Create and Connect your Stripe Account

Expat Therapy 4U integrates with Stripe to provide a fully secure and regulation compliant way of taking credit and debit card payments from clients and to pay therapists for their work through the platform. First you need to Create a Stripe Account, then Connect your Stripe Account to the Expat Therapy 4 U platform.

Step 6. Activate your Account

Congrats, you are now all set and ready to accept new clients! Our support team will activate your account within 5 working days from completion of step 5. If you do not hear from us or have any concerns about your profile not being approved, drop us an email at