Why is my written profile not accepted?

The most common reason for a profile to not get accepted is due to duplicate content. Another reason may be the length of your profile. The ideal length is between 500 and 1000 words. 

The platform works in a way similar to how Google's search engine would function - it will filter out identical content - so if your written profile has been copied and posted from elsewhere, it will not be beneficial to your ranking on our site.

There's a couple of ways to fix this which won't require you to entirely revise your written profile;

  • You can create a few unique sentences as part of your introduction
  • Remove content which are completely 'copy-pasted' from other websites
  • Check for grammar and spelling mistakes

A well thought out profile will look professional and benefits both the clients and therapists.  Head to this article to learn about our minimal standards to help you get your written profile approved.

You can edit and resubmit a profile that's not been approved by navigating to My Listing > Manage > Edit Therapist Profile, as shown in the screenshots below: