Where can I manage my Appointments?

In this tutorial, learn how to;

1.  Your Appointments tab is accessible anywhere on the page.  Click ‘Appointments’ from the black toolbar at the topmost portion of your page.

2.  You are now taken to the Wordpress backend.  A collapsible menu is seen on the left; a Notification Bar will also let you know of your pending appointments.

3.  Accept or reject your Pending Appointments.  

4.  Once you approve an appointment, your Calendar will circle and highlight the date in yellow.

Manage your appointments by clicking a date on the calendar.

As seen on this image, you can now see your appointment details once you click on a date. 

  • The red arrow points to a green circle highlighting the total number of appointments you have for that day.
  • Your appointments are listed by time slot.
  • Clicking on the red ‘X’ button will allow you to cancel a previously approved appointment
  • Perform further changes to an appointment by clicking on the Edit Button (pencil icon)

You can perform several modifications to an appointment which includes;

  • Adjusting the date and/or time 
  • Adding or updating the customer information (name, email address)

Perform the necessary changes then click ‘ Update Appointment’.  All changes will instantly reflect on the Client’s Expat Therapy 4U Account!

Add a new appointment by clicking a date on the calendar.

As seen on this image, you can now see your available timeslots once you click on a date. 

  • Clicking on the New appointment button will allow you to add a new appointment on behalf of an existing client.
  • Note that you can add a new appointment only under the time slots set as open in your calendar. You can add or remove a time slot in your calendar tab, as explained in this article: How do I add my availabilities for sessions?

You can add several information to a new appointment which includes;

  • Adding the client from the drop-down list of existing customers 
  • Select the location (In-person, Online or by Telephone)
  • Select the type of service (Individual therapy, Couple therapy, Family therapy)
  • Then click on the Create appointment button.

As seen on this image, the newly created appointment will show in your calendar under the date you have booked it for.

  • Finally, click on the Approve button to confirm all the information entered are correct.
  • If you made a mistake and need to edit the date and/or time slot, you can perform any changes to the newly created appointment by clicking on the Edit Button (pencil icon)

The session should now be in your diary and payment will be taken from the client 48 hours before the start time of the session. If the session is in the past or in less than 48 hours time, payment will be taken immediately.