How can I add online and telephone sessions to my profile?

Therapists should not be limited to simply having their online profiles listed in the Expat Therapy 4U website.  We’ve fully considered your edge over other therapists when you can also offer online and telephone sessions. 

Learn how to add these options on your booking form in this article.

Note: If you are yet to set-up your Calendar, please read this article first.

Here is a good example of a well-executed booking form as presented to a client;

As seen on the image above, a client’s booking form contains the following elements;

  • A generic informative text with the date and time of requested appointment
  • The option to select ‘Location”, in this case, by video call, telephone, or in-person, and lastly,
  • Service’  - the dropdown menu allows the client to choose Couple, Group, Family or Individual Therapy depending on your Listing.

Copy the same exact template above by following these steps;

1.  Upon signing in, click on ‘Your Name’, then click ‘My Listing’.

2.  Under Therapist Profile, click ‘ Calendar’.

3.  Go to the third tab, ‘Booking Form’, then click ‘ + Radio Buttons ’.

4.  Follow these instructions (shown in the image below);

  • Tick the box 'Required Field'
  • Name your label as Location
  • Click ' + Radio Button ' and enter Videocall, Telephone, and In-Person

.  Remember to scroll down and click ‘ Save Custom Fields’.

If you offer more than one Listing (Individual Therapy, Couple Therapy, Family Therapy or Group Therapy), you can customize your Booking Form further by allowing your clients to choose from your Listed Services.  Head to this article for the detailed guide.