How do I create a Therapist Service?

Now that your Therapist Profile is all set, it's time to create your first therapist service!  

What is a Therapist Service?

Think of a therapist service as your product catalog. It includes basic information about your service and pricing. A listing should be clear, concise and easy to read so a potential client can make a purchase decision.

The image below shows what a finished Therapist Service should look like. 

Follow the steps below to create a Therapist Service:

1.  Upon signing in, click on ' Your Name'  then go to ' Services'.

2.  On the Services tab, click ' Add a Therapist Service' .

3.  You can now create your Therapist Service. Your screen will now look like the screenshot below. Fill out all necessary information:

  • Service Name - For the purpose of consistency, please create a Therapist Service according to the following types;
    • Family therapy
    • Individual therapy
    • Group therapy, and
    • Couple therapy
  • Service Listing - The platform assigns this code by default
  • Is this a Booking Service? - Choose Yes
  • Service fee - Please select your currency from the dropdown menu (€ or £) and be guided that your fee should be the same fee or a lower fee that you charge outside the platform.  Read more about Fees on this article.

4. In the example below, we have created an Individual Therapy service priced at €100. Don't forget to click the 'Save' button once you're done!

5. The page will reload and show the message 'Your therapist service has been added'. Fill in the form again to add another therapist service if you offer more than one type of therapy and repeat steps 3 and 4. If you offer only one type of therapy, you can exit the page.

6. Your Therapist Service(s) will now be visible in the 'Services' tab. You can navigate to this tab by clicking on 'Your Name' > Services.