How do I make an appointment?

All appointments are made online.  The goal of Expat Therapy 4U is to make your online booking experience as seamless as possible!

We hope to deliver this experience in three easy steps :  SearchBook 24/7 > Connect

Below is a detailed guide;

Using our in-depth search tool highlighted on our homepage, it lets you search according to the following categories;

-  Type of Therapy

-  Therapy Issues

-  Client Types

-  Location

In the screenshot below, you'll see that we entered the following information;

-  Type of Therapy:  Teen Therapy

-  Therapy Issues:  Depression

-  Client Types:  Teenager (13-17)

-  Location:  Rome, Italy

* Note:  You may click more than one of the options from the drop-down menu to broaden your search results!

A choice of therapists will then be presented to you once you've supplied enough information on our search tool.  Here is an example;

Get to know each therapist by clicking 'Read More'.  Feel free to explore the following tabs;

● About (Introduction and summary of their services)

● Accreditations

● Languages

● Services

● Issues

● Client Types

● Verified Client Reviews

2.  Once you've chosen a therapist, click the button 'Book Now'.

Pick the date and time to request an appointment.

By clicking 'Book Appointment', a pop-up window should appear to confirm your appointment.

Depending on the therapist's availability settings, you have the option to set a meeting by Videocall, by Telephone, or In-Person.

The service fee or cost will also be shown when you select a service/product from the drop-down menu.

3.  Fill in the client intake form.

You may update your billing details anytime when you visit your personal dashboard under the Shop Tab.  Learn more about changing your account details here.

We encourage you to fill out the ' Additional Information' text box.  This helps us identify your needs and address your concerns better.

Learn more about our payment service provider Stripe, on this article.

Tick on the checkbox once you've read and agreed to our Client Terms and Conditions to proceed with your order.

Review the information you've entered and click 'Place Order' and you're all set!  Below is an example of a completed order.

3.  Connect with your chosen therapist.
Your therapist will approve your session request within 24 hours from receipt and will get in touch with you directly via email or text so that you have their contact details.